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About Us

Leadership is more than a set of skills to be mastered. It’s about building a deeper foundation and empowering men and women to lead authentically, live fully, and love abundantly.

True leadership results in a life well lived, both at work and at home.

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Company Overview

Unlimited Leadership isn’t just another company; it’s the product of years of hard work, experiential learning, and authentic connection. Here you’ll find trusted guidance regarding how you can navigate the ups and downs of today’s leadership challenges. Beyond business—this is about a life lived large. Never stuffy, and slightly irreverent, the Unlimited Leadership approach is different—and it works.

What you want and most deeply desire is just outside the boundary that you can see. We will help you stretch beyond what you think is possible–to what we know is achievable. We invite you to experience this for yourself.

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Unlimited Leadership empowers leaders to make a positive impact on the world by providing them with the critical awareness, boundless insight, and radical confidence needed to unlock their unlimited potential.

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Unlimited Leadership envisions every leader enjoying the space to live and love without limits.

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About John

Executive Coach and founder of Unlimited Leadership, John Wright began his journey almost thirty years ago. His “big idea,” started in his garage, eventually grew into a national organization with a staff of two hundred and many prominent clients.

But John knew he was meant for more; he had a gift for seeing things differently, and he wanted to guide other executives and entrepreneurs to become aware of and live up to their potential as leaders, spouses, parents, and humans.

Today he works with high-performing individuals, helping them to see the “bigger than business” big picture and empowering them to lead and live intentionally, holistically, and abundantly.

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Unlimited Corporate Headquarters

800 E Northwest Hwy., Suite 724

Palatine, IL 60074


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